Pilates Classes

Current Pilates Classes

We run Pilates Classes Daily in our Pilates studio, with daytime and evening options available. Please see our Pilates booking page for details.

Pilates Class Term Dates

Our classes are run in terms of at least five weekly sessions. This enables you to progress each week. Our Pilates terms follow the local academic term timetables and are as follows:

Autumn term 2018

3 September – 21 December
Half term: 22 – 26 October

Spring term 2019

7 January – 5 April
Half term: 18 – 22 February

Summer term 2019

23 April – 23 July
Half term: 27 May – 31 May

Autumn term 2019

4 September – 20 December
Half term: 28 October – 1 November

Spring term 2020

6 January – 3 April
Half term: 17 – 21 February

Summer term 2020

20 April – 22 July
Half term: 25 May – 29 May

Pilates classes at the Body Logic Clinic take place in our dedicated Pilates studio. Our Pilates classes have a maximum of eight people per class, which means our instructor can personally teach, supervise and improve your Pilates movements. This also means our classes sell out quickly so please book your place early to avoid disappointment.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise that helps improve posture by targeting the core stabilising muscles to improve strength, balance and flexibility. It helps improve mental well being, relieves stress and tension, and benefits the body and mind.

Pilates can benefit you regardless of fitness level, age or gender. The classes are fun and friendly and you should immediately feel the benefits physically and mentally, with a sense of progression each week and a difference in your stamina and the way you move.

Joseph Pilates developed this physical fitness almost 90 years ago. Termed ‘Contrology’ by Pilates, his method was about controlling movements to feel like a workout and benefit the flexibility, strength and control of the body whilst improving wellbeing in the mind. Pilates, perhaps in part having studied yoga, believed mental and physical health were strongly connected. Pilates developed a range of ‘Apparatus’, equipment to accompany his matwork method and further the body’s strengthening and alignment. This included ‘The Reformer’ – still one of the most popular pieces of equipment among Pilates practitioners today.

What is Modified Clinical Pilates?

At Body Logic, we follow the Australian Pilates and Physiotherapy Institutes Modified Pilates (APPI) approach – developed by Physiotherapists for use in a clinical environment.

Modified Clinical Pilates is adapted from Traditional Pilates to focus on rehabilitating the body post injury by improving strength and control around the trunk.  Chartered Physiotherapists have a broad and in depth knowledge of anatomy, and normal body biomechanics. Modified Clinical Pilates is ideal for those that require specific Physiotherapy attention; such as those with a history of injury or post Pregnancy. Programmes can be tailored to your specific needs and are ideal as a long term exercise programme to help prevent future problems.

So whether you are completely injury free or recovering from injury or surgery, our Pilates classes will be safe and effective for you. All our instructors are experienced Chartered Physiotherapists who have completed post graduate training with the APPI.

How do I take part?

Prior to joining a class, it is compulsory for all clients to attend a one-to-one session with a Pilates Instructor at a one off cost of £20. The purpose of this is to discuss your individual medical history and any previous injuries fully and in confidence so that the Instructor can design the classes with your needs in mind.

It is also an opportunity for you to get more information about the APPI method of Pilates and to learn the five key elements that are at the heart of all our Pilates teaching.

When you do join a class, you will already be aware of some of the concepts and won’t be completely lost!

Private group and one-to-one Pilates in Twickenham

We also offer one-to-one Pilates teaching or teaching to other small groups by arrangement. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Body Logic Physiotherapy, Twickenham

Established in 2003, Body Logic is a local, independent physiotherapy and sports injury clinic. We offer appointments with qualified & experienced physiotherapists at times to suit you. We are regulated and approved by the Health Professions Council and accredited by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice (ACPPP) and the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists. Find out more about Body Logic Physiotherapy

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